Beginners Advice to becoming a Local Saratogian

  1. To start- SPAC is great for outdoor concerts, but GO SEE A SHOW AT CAFFE LENA. Thank us later. 
  2. Just trust us when we say your sink water tastes fine. While the Springs apparently do contain ~Vitamins~ If you plan on finding ‘Good Spring Water’ be prepared to try a lot of water that smells like rotten eggs and tastes like metal throughout your quest. 
  3. If you are planning a ‘Track Day’ have set friends who will go early in the morning to get you a picnic table! Make a game out of it- Losers are in charge of getting the table. Believe us when we say the crack-of-dawn wake-up is WORTH IT
  4. Also Track-Related- PACK A COOLER. (no glass). Otherwise be prepared to spend excessive amounts of money on food and drinks you could have just packed yourself. 
  5. Disregard #4 if your food plans involve Shake Shack or Mac Truck mac-n-cheese.
  6. This one may be more considered ‘Life Advice’ but we’ve learned the hard way that if you plan to spend your entire afternoon at the Track, and then walk directly over to The Horseshoe, and then go directly downtown to Caroline Street, MAKE TIME FOR FOOD AND WATER :,)
  7. You may have heard some hype about a little thing called a Doughboy. (Now also sold at Stewarts Shops??)  While they are a pretty delicious guilty pleasure, eat at your own risk because Surprise, Surprise! Deep Fried Cream Cheese Burritos don't exactly make you feel like a hundred bucks.
  8. 10/10 recommend getting a slice of Cheese though. Or maybe 3. Or a whole pizza.
  9. You will feel tempted to sit on one of the horse statues scattered throughout town. This is not us saying ‘Don’t do it’ but rather ‘Don’t do it in broad daylight or in front of any cops.’ (Where do they store those things in the winter btw? Asking for a friend)
  10. Lastly, it just so happens that when the bars start closing at 3AM, Compton’s Restaurant opens. Coincidence? Honestly, probably not.. but, what better time to eat breakfast?
kelsey cornell